DIRECTIONS                                     Video

Screw the provided LED spot on the wire.

Screw the tripod on the DIAPOD in the screwthread.

Clip the LED spot by giving an angle to the DIAPOD.

Insert a slide in DIAPOD in the slot provided for this purpose.

Switch on, project, focus.


Warning ! When removing the LED spot from the DIAPOD, do not pull the spot, but give a little angle by holding the black part of the spot.




Not suitable for children under 12.

Do not look directly at the light source.

Do not use in a wet environment.

Give some angle to uncouple the spot by holding the black part of the spot. Do not pull straight.

How to use DIAPOD ?

As an accessory for your interior decoration.

Projecting images on your walls, floor, ceiling...

You can use it as a night light (very low consumption).

Back-projecting an image through a layer or frosted glass.

Projecting patterns on fabrics or curtains.

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Security warning 

Read these instructions before using this projector.
Do not look into the projector lens when the lamp is lit.The high brightness may hurt your eyes.

Only use parts / accessories specified by the manufacturer.

To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose the projector to rain or moisture.

Clean only with dry cloth.
For breakdown assistance, please contact a qualified technician.
Servicing is required when the projector has been damaged in any way, such as: The power cord or plug is damaged. The  LED Spot is damaged.